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Meet Abigail Brenner, MD

Abigail Brenner, MD attended New York Medical College, becoming a physician in 1977. She completed her internship and residency in psychiatry at New York University-Bellevue Medical Center in 1981. A board-certified psychiatrist in practice for over 30 years, she pursued her interest in clinical work at the Bellevue adult outpatient clinic while maintaining a private psychotherapy practice, which she continues part-time today. Abigail is a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

In addition to her love of medicine is a deep commitment to help her patients achieve wholeness within their lives. Abigail believes that the patient is best served when all modalities encompassing mind, body, and spirit are utilized. To this end she has studied Therapeutic Touch, cranio-sacral therapy, and is a Reiki master.

To further her work, adding the dimension of the spiritual, Abigail became an Interfaith Minister in 2000. She helps to bring people back to their authentic core, offering tools to help access who they are meant to be, restoring purpose and meaning to their lives as individuals. In addition to her therapeutic practice she has helped people design, create, and perform personally meaningful rituals and rites of passage.

Abigail Brenner is the author of many books including: LIFE MATTERS: Stories of Transiton, Healing, and Hope; TRANSITIONS: How Women Embrace Change and Celebrate Life; and SHIFT: How to Deal When Life Changes.

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